Routine Eye Care

Don’t lose sight of your eye health

In our busy daily lives, it’s easy to forget about regular eye exams. But ensuring the health of your eyes is critical to maintaining your vision.

During your exam, we’ll ask you about your medical and vision history. Then we’ll conduct several eye tests, including:

Visual Acuity

to evaluate your best corrected vision at distance and near

Intraocular Pressure

to evaluate the pressure (IOP) inside your eye

Extraocular Motility and Pupil Function

to assess the muscles that align your eyes, and the pupil to assess for healthy response to light/dark conditions

Slit Lamp Exam

a specialized microscope is used to examine your eye from the front to the back of your eyes


drops may be instilled in your eyes to widen your pupil so that the inside of your eye, including the lens, retina and optic nerve, can be examined with a better view